AUGUST 2016 – Baystate Wind (Dong Energy) area in BLUE – will be conducting a geophysical survey in the area south of Martha’s Vineyard for 35 days starting on August 15, 2016. During this time, the RV Ocean Researcher (230 ft.) will tow sensors above  the seabed in the NW-SE and NE-SW directions. Extreme care will be taken to avoid fixed fishing gear, but mariners are requested to observe caution when in the vicinity and contact the RV Ocean Researcher Bridge with questions.
Bridge VSAT phone: 011 44 1493 236011
Satellite phone: 011 870 773 154 143
Standing by on VHF Channel 16

MA Division of Marine Fisheries Spring Trawl Survey updates

Trawl Survey Updates

 Each spring and fall, MarineFisheries conducts trawl surveys throughout Massachusetts coastal waters. These surveys have been conducted each May and September since 1978, and are used to determine the condition of fish stocks, evaluate how construction activities affect fishing and the environment, and how best to manage fisheries and protect fishery resources. Check back here to see where the trawl survey has been completed.

The spring trawl survey has commenced. To better assist fixed-gear fishermen of the Commonwealth, this page will be updated daily during the Spring Trawl. Updates will include where the survey occurred that day. Updates will also be posted on Twitter through our handle, @MassDMF and on our Facebook page. For daily updates click here

Life as a Fisherman’s Daughter

“My family owns an offshore lobster company on Cape Cod.” I say as I introduce myself to a group of colleagues in Boston.

“Oh cool, so your dad is a fisherman?” Someone replies.

No.  It goes far beyond that. Not only was my dad a valedictorian at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, but has a degree in extreme weather, a graduate degree in the Atlantic Ocean, and a PHD in functioning efficiently on 3 hours a sleep for over twenty years.

There is a certain stigma that lies behind being a “fisherman” or a “lobsterman”. And as I’ve gotten older I find myself biting my tongue harder when I get that response from people who haven’t been raised by men of the sea. READ MORE HERE>>>


F/V Terri Ann 

Northeast Fisheries Science Center Strategic Plan 2016-2021

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center is a leader in marine science; our scientists and our science are recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally. The results of our research support regional fishery managers, characterization of the status of protected species, and development of recovery plans when appropriate. The Center’s monitoring and scientific investigations on ecosystem functions and processes are essential to an improved understanding of the dynamics and productivity of exploited and protected resources. Similarly, our aquaculture and enhancement science is becoming increasingly important as we approach global limits to wild fisheries production, strive to encourage investment in aquaculture, and understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of cultivated fish and shellfish production. Read more here.

Commercial Fishing Organizations Oppose Cashes Ledge and the New England Canyons be designated a National Monument

On September 18th the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with 8 other commercial fishing organizations signed and sent a letter to President Obama opposing the potential designation of the Cashes Ledges and the New England Canyons as a National monument.

Dear Mr. President;

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with the following organizations: Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association, Maine Lobstermen’s Association, Downeast Lobstermen’s Association, Maine Lobstermen’s Union, Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association, Rhode Island Lobstermen’s Association, Gloucester Fisheries Commission and the American Bluefin Tuna Association (Organizations); collectively represent an estimated 10,500 commercial and charter fishermen from New Jersey to the Canadian Maritimes. Collectively, our Organizations are greatly concerned and strongly oppose the proposal put forth by environmental organizations to have Cashes Ledge and New England Canyons designated National Monuments. Read More here.