Legal Defense Fund

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association continues to need support for its Legal Defense Fund. This dedicated fund has been and will be used for the purpose of defending the Massachusetts lobster fishermen from legal and fisheries management actions that could seriously impact our fishermen’s ability to conduct their businesses and earn a living.

As we all know, any legal action costs lots of money and this Association needs to be prepared. We certainly would prefer and will continue to try and resolve issues on our fishery without going into court but we must be ready to do so in order to protect our industry and our individual fishermen’s livelihoods. These are real threats and our members frequently say – just sue them – well, that’s fine to say but to do that we need your support. Any contribution you can afford to make to this fund will be held in our legal defense fund and used only for defraying legal expenses if and when they are needed. Thank you for your continued support.

MLA Legal Defense Donation