Commercial Fishing Organizations Oppose Cashes Ledge and the New England Canyons be designated a National Monument

MAY 22, 2018


If courts are ever going to strike down an illegal national monument, this’ll be it.  Often, it seems the federal government has it out for the English language. The President and federal agencies routinely twist the words in statutes beyond recognition. For instance, PLF has long challenged EPA’s bizarre claim that dry land is “water” under the Clean Water Act.  READ MORE HERE>>>>


SUBJECT: Final Report Summarizing Findings of the Review of Designations Under
the Antiquities Act

Executive Summary and Impressions of the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke
In 1906, Congress delegated to the President the power to designate a monument under the
Antiquities Act (Act). The Act authorizes the President singular authority to designate national
monuments without public comment, READ MORE HERE.

September 18, 2015

Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with 8 other commercial fishing organizations signed and sent a letter to President Obama opposing the potential designation of the Cashes Ledges and the New England Canyons as a National monument.

Dear Mr. President;  The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with the following organizations: Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association, Maine Lobstermen’s Association, Downeast Lobstermen’s Association, Maine Lobstermen’s Union, Stellwagen Bank Charter Boat Association, Rhode Island Lobstermen’s Association, Gloucester Fisheries Commission and the American Bluefin Tuna Association (Organizations); collectively represent an estimated 10,500 commercial and charter fishermen Read More here.