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Marine Fisheries Advisory Public Scoping Meeting: Describing Mobile Gear Closures

DMF has scheduled two meetings to discuss modernizing its mobile gear closure regulations in order to improve the clarity of the closure coordinates, especially those that reference the Line of 1881. DMF favors amending these closure boundaries to instead use latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates that are more amenable to modern GPS technology. Both fixed and […]

MA DMF fall 2017 Trawl survey updates

Fixed Gear Fishermen of Massachusetts, MarineFisheries will be conducting its annual fall trawl survey throughout state coastal waters beginning September 5, 2017. Surveys have been conducted each May and September since 1978 to provide a consistent sampling of benthic fishes and mobile invertebrates. Survey data is used to monitor the condition of fish stocks, as […]

New England fishermen challenge Obama’s marine national monument

Creation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument exceeded the Antiquities Act, which authorizes monuments only on federal land, not the ocean BOSTON, MA;  March 7, 2017: A coalition of New England fishermen organizations filed suit today over former President Barack Obama’s designation of a vast area of ocean as a national monument […]

Commercial Fishing Organizations Oppose Cashes Ledge and the New England Canyons be designated a National Monument

Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with 8 other commercial fishing organizations signed and sent a letter to President Obama opposing the potential designation of the Cashes Ledges and the New England Canyons as a National monument. Dear Mr. President;             The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association along with the following organizations: Atlantic Offshore […]